They Had It Rough

  What a profitable and beneficial study it proved to be when I embarked on an extensive review of the lives and works of some of the "major" prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Sometimes today some speak of the "rough" time preachers have. Some do have a difficult time. But that pales into nothing when you consider these prophets. They were given a message their hearers would reject, were warned of hardship and persecution, had their words twisted and misrepresented, and, in addition to all that, witnessed the destruction of the people they loved and sought to save from their self-imposed ruin

  Yet, they did not back away from doing their duty nor compromise the message God gave them one bit. That is the kind of person God wants today among men and women who profess to be Christians. When we think our road becomes bumpy, restudy the great prophets of old and be thankful we live now rather than then.