A Big Little Man

  In Luke chapter nineteen we read of a man named Zacchaeus. Bible students know he was small of stature which hindered him from easily being able to see Jesus when Jesus passed his way. But the smallness of his physical stature did not indicate the marvelous spiritual character he displayed.

  There is a lesson about this man on this website in Category 5, lesson 5. Sometimes people think themselves BIG when actually they are not near so big as they think. The kind of bigness that matters is the bigness that this small man had developed.

  Even though there was much goodness about him he needed the Savior. He was blessed that salvation, in the person of Christ, visited his home that day. We are taught that regardless of how good a person is there is the need of Christ to save because no man can save himself by himself because of good works. While goodness is necessary, there is no salvation apart from Christ.