A Bloody Religion

  Did you know that there are those who denounce Christianity because, as they say, it is a bloody religion? You probably already knew that. The religion of the Jews under Moses is also condemned for the same reason. It is true that there was much blood shed under the Mosaic Law but the blood was that of animals sacrificed. It is also true that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed on the cross for the remission of the sins of the whole world. That was God's plan.

  If you want to learn about a truly bloody religion, learn about Islam which was founded, has been expanded, promoted and defended by the shedding of the blood of human beings and advocates the shedding of the blood of all who do not adopt that religion. By wars, raids, murders, assassinations, etc. Islam has made its way across history in its goal to subjugate all humanity under its tyranny.

  You won't hear this from the brain dead American news media because they are as degenerate as the bloody religion they protect.