A Brutal World

  This is not a complaint against God. (Recall the fiery serpents). It is an observation of a reality that nobody who pays attention could rationally deny. We cannot just focus on this truth but it strikes hard when you consider the ravages of sin, disease, accidents, war, natural disasters, death, separations, on and on could be listed the calamities that beset the human family the world over. It has always been that way and won't change.

  But the reality of it makes heaven all the more appealing. It motivates us to fortify ourselves spiritually because the physical and material world will someday cease to be. Meanwhile we make the best of this world and try to be of assistance to others as we make our journey toward heaven. Just how we can help relieve the brutality of our world is not easy to determine. But we know the hope of the Christian will enable him to succeed.