A Clear Distinction

  In Luke sixteen we find the rich man in "hell," meaning "hades", the unseen state of the dead. There was a clear distinction between righteousness and unrighteousness.

 That distinction ought exist among those who compose the church. When it is not so the church has a responsibility to exercise discipline to keep the church pure. Too often the church in our time has been law in this matter and it has resulted to the disgrace of the church. At times those in the world cannot detect any real and significant difference in the lives of church members from those who do not care about the church.

  If people see the same actions, motives, words, ambitions, dress, conduct, etc. in a "Christian" and a non-Christian, how will that affect their concern about Christ and salvation? There was a clear distinction in hades, wasn't there? There ought to be a distinction just as noticeable in the church today.