A Contact That Did Me Great Good

  It has been many months since we saw each other. A phone call now and then is about the best we can do because of the distance between us and our lives keep us busy attending to our duties. Not hearing from him for some time, and hearing he had taken ill, I contacted him again by telephone and we had a nice friendly chat. It seemed obvious to me that he was not doing very well at the time but hopefully could improve.

  While he was grateful for my call, I was really the one who profited. He has been a long time friend and faithful brother in Christ and just to hear his voice, discuss matters of mutual interest, and know of his welfare was encouraging to me as well as to him. When I finished my call I wondered how many others I should contact. Every time I am blessed. And I feel certain you would be blessed also if you would take a moment and contact somebody of your past and renew your ties. Faithful brethren always make a day's activities more enjoyable. Find your phone and make a call!