A Dark, Dark Day for America

  With all the hoopla going on about the new savior of the world, most are completely blinded as to his intentions. This Kenyan-born Nazi that assumes power tomorrow will bring a crushing blow to the survival of freedom and the Constitution in America. He and his henchmen are evil. I know some pathetic creeps bemoan criticism of civil leaders. But who is so stupid as to shut their eyes to what is so blatantly obvious?

  A man who condones homosexuality, promotes abortion, seeks government domination over every phase of life, compromises any religious principle to accommodate the lowest forms of degenerates in society. How in the name of good sense can a person like that be praised or respected? Evil is evil and he is the personification of evil. But most Americans are as deranged as he is and it doesn't matter to them.

  But I still think it best to measure by what the Scriptures teach and not what some polls report. If this man is good for our nation then throw out the Bible. He already has and most Americans have done the same thing.