A Definition of Liberalism

  Liberalism has been defined a number of ways, but one of the best is that it is an emotional, mental, moral and spiritual disorder. Those who are liberals are unstable, without principle, have the "do your own thing" disposition and often are very dictatorial and fascist because they possess a self-determined superiority over everybody and everything.

  Basically, liberalism is against the will of God. His will  does not make man the authority, but Deity. Liberals do not have respect for the Bible but follow the ways of humanists, evolutionists, hedonists and are not only liberal in religion but also politically and socialistic economically. The evils of the world are promoted extensively through the doctrine of liberalism.

  How anybody could think he could be a faithful Christian and a liberal at the same time only displays how deranged people can become. He will NOT be a liberal and will NOT support one.