A Different Kind of Example

  Great Bible characters provide for us living demonstrations of what God would have us to be. We all know how Abraham is repeatedly upheld before us as one who had obedient faith. But there is another trait of this man that we might overlook.

  Was he not sympathetic toward those facing their destruction because of their sins? Yes, he was concerned for the righteous suffering because of the wicked. But he was concerned for the wicked as well.

  When he learned God would destroy Sodom, did he not plead on their behalf if some righteous people could be found among them? He took no pleasure in knowing the wicked would receive what they deserved. We know such good people were not found, but Abraham did not want to see them destroyed. Nor do we rejoice over the condemnation of any. We long for the salvation of everyone. We must be sympathetic toward those who sin and work for their forgiveness.