A Difficult Question

  Our Lord was asked a number of questions during His personal ministry on earth. He was able to answer and handle every situation. John the Baptist was asked a very difficult question by the Jews who sent priests and Levites to quiz him. He made a very appropriate response to their ill-motivated inquiry (John 1: 19ff). But we are not always that fortunate. There was one question John was asked that, if you and I were asked, we might find ourselves struggling for a proper answer. They asked, "What sayest thou of thyself?"

  How many could objectively give the correct answer to such a question? If we look deeply into our existence, there may not be much we could say of ourselves. Some, in their pomp and pride, would exalt themselves to be sure. Others might denigrate themselves. But how many can give answer?

  Yet, we shall stand before God and be asked to do that very thing (Romans 14:12). What will your answer be?