A False Profession

  There were those in the New Testament that professed to know God but they only proved they did not. "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate" (Titus 1: 16). If I didn't know better, I would think Paul was looking into the future from his time to our own day and describing much of the so-called "Christian" religious world. Have you ever heard or seen as much degeneracy being promoted in the name of Christ as we witness about us today?

  Everything from homosexuality, women preachers, drunkenness, political aspirations, money-making, entertainment, imitation of the world runs rampant and it is called "Christianity" when it is more related to the heathenism demonstrated on Mt. Carmel than like the faith Christ brought to the world. Little wonder so much of the world hates what they think is "Christianity." I hate the misrepresentation of it also.

  Our Lord gets no fair hearing in this world community of humanism, hedonism and barbarism. The media likes to portray Christ and His church is the most sordid and distorted ways. Christians face a hostile situation and we best prepare for hard times like we have never known before.