A Frightening Situation

  If you look at things in a realistic light today you will likely be labeled a fanatic, an alarmist, troublemaker, etc. etc. So what? Should we not remove blinders from our eyes and see what is taking place in our country? The plague of racism has reached proportions the likes of which have not been witnessed since before 1950. With a government that appealed to race to gain power, with policies and appointments that magnify race above the Constitution, with programs that advance race and communism under the control of certain racial favorites, what can you expect but a growing hostility between races? It is worse now than in the last fifty years because our government is racially controlled rather than by our law. More and more power is being given to racists, communists, liberals, muslims, perverts, thieves, thugs, baby killers and tax cheaters because the head of the government likes that element and depends upon it to expand his deranged government control agenda.

  Yes, it is frightening to me. I remember America when freedom and the Constitution meant something. Today neither one amounts to much among so many of the parasitic element. Alarmist? I don't think so. But history tells me there is an internal war on the way. Freedom will be worth it.