A Glaring Hypocrisy

  I have no intention of leaving the subject. When the Lord teaches one thing and brethren support the opposite it is hypocritical to allow it and do it. When political parties mean more to so-called "Christians" than the doctrine of Christ they are hypocrites of the worst sort. When politicians promote and support homosexuality to be acceptable, abortion, immorality,  lying under oath, every kind of anti-Christian movement (like the ACLU, NOW, and similar packs of Satanic wolves) and the "Christian" votes for them then their so-called "Christian" faith is openly suspect and they talk with forked tongue. When they vote for people who openly defame the things of God then how do they harmonize that with being a disciple of Christ? Nobody can!

  What is also abominable are those "church leaders" who coddle the hypocrites because of favoritism, family connections, money, etc. and undercut and back-stab those who speak the truth about this gross hypocrisy.

No wonder "Christianity" has such little effect on society. Too many so-called "Christians" are just hypocrites and others recognize it.