A Good One on Me

  A funny thing happened to me (I think it was funny). I learned something from it also. My wife and I will soon celebrate another anniversary. One of the good brothers where I preach approached me Wednesday night and said, "Congratulations!" I asked, "What for?" He responded, "For your wedding anniversary today." I thanked him but told him he was too early.  The anniversary was not until next week. He said, "Are you sure?" Do you know for a moment he had me wondering if I had the right date in mind. I guess it showed in my face. Finally he smiled and I knew I had been spoofed. Several standing by knew what was going on and everyone got a good laugh how easily I was puzzled over something for which I was sure.

  It reminded me that we can be sure about something and something come along and momentarily shake that confidence until we think about it. The ways of the devil are like that also. We can be sure. We can be shaken. But if we will think soberly our shaking is but for a moment.