A Great Phone Call

    Blessings come in all sizes. Some may think a phone call is not so big but it is when it is from your children. You learn how they are getting along, what they are doing, and even that they want to know how their parents fare. It matters not the time of day that the phone rings and a child is on the other end. You are so glad to hear from them.

  I remember a story about "Bear" Bryant, famed football coach at Alabama a few years ago. He was encouraging his players to keep in touch with their mothers by telephone. (Actually the story was presented as a commercial for the phone company.) After his words to his players, he looked straight into the camera and said, "I wish I could call my mother" who had long since died. I recall the many calls I made to my Mother.

  Great memories are built by great phone calls. Such communication is a marvelous thing. We should take advantage of it and be thankful to hear from your loved ones. Let them hear from you, also.