A Great Source of Wisdom

  It is impossible not to be cynical about politicians and the news media. Regardless of what you may think about the recent State of the Union teleprompter speech by the greatest mind on earth, to hear how it was evaluated is pathetic. The media went to a bar in the Chicago, the city known for its virtue and wisdom, and asked the "boozers" hanging around what they thought about it. Most liberals drink to excess anyway. They must be drunk if not mentally deranged to have the stupidity they display.

  Has America reached the place where half "stewed" drunks are competent to pass judgment on that which affects the lives of everybody? The media would have been better served to have inquired of some third graders how the speech went over. Whether you liked it or not is not the point. The idea that drunks get on TV and tell us how things are is beneath the pale of good sense. Can a revolution be far behind?