A Harrying Experience

  Paul suffered many things once he became a Christian. He endured many tortures and situations that would certainly try the faith of anyone. Some of the things he faced were tormenting and discouraging because they endangered his very life. Such was the case when he had to flee from Damascus in a very unusual manner.

  "Then the disciples took him by night, and let him down by the wall in a basket" (Acts 9:25). Paul's enemies were so intent on his death that extreme measures had to be taken to have a chance for his safety. This method of deliverance must have remained in Paul's memory throughout his lifetime. Can you imagine being placed in a basket and lowered by the ropes? This was necessary because the gates were being watched day and night to seize him should he attempt to leave in a normal fashion. How thankful he must have been for his brethren that assisted him.