A Human Tragedy

  It will be despised by so many if one should suggest that the life and death of Michael Jackson was a tragedy. Just how a person that was so admired as a youngster could involve himself in life with so many deplorable situations is difficult to explain. With all the fame, popularity and wealth, it is reported that he died in debt. His manner of life was anything but morally commendable. His antics and gyrations were vulgar and lewd. But so many of the public loved it and he continued his course to doom.

  It is a sad commentary on people that they could admire such behavior as this. For the love of their fleshly satisfaction they urged him on and he, without using moral standards to govern his life, lived out a tragedy. God will be his judge but we can observe the fruit he produced in life. It is nothing short of despicable and sad when a human being can sink so low.

  But, like I said, the world goes "bananas" over such vile and repulsive stuff. Those that do are to some degree responsible for the Jackson spectacle and reprehensible display.