A Late Night Suggestion

  You may not be able to do this tonight because this is written when the day is almost done. But maybe you could think of it tomorrow night.

  Many people "say their prayers" as they prepare for bed. Their prayers are sincere and usually filled with thanksgiving for the blessings God has given during the day that is about finished. But often people awake during the night for one reason or another. What a wonderful time to consider a short and to-the-point prayer, possibly for some special person, your family, the nation, our leaders, the sick, those suffering because of one thing or another.; not all of these but one or two of them. The prayer would likely be brief because you want to return to sleep. But a moment spent briefly in something like this seems to me to be an exceptional opportunity. God hears and answers the prayers of His children. A late night short prayer would be very beneficial, don't you think?