A Marvel of Our Age

  It is absolutely beyond my ability to express the amazement I have when I take note of the tools made available to us for Bible study by the ever-expanding technologies. One of my grandsons came by for a visit and installed on my computer more Biblically related material than I knew existed. I have what I consider a reasonable library. But what can be found by computer today surpasses a good library. In fact, some of my treasured books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, commentaries, etc. are all on computer now. My books can remain on the shelves.

  But wait a moment! You can't make side notes on the computer. It is not all that easy to underline permanently what you want to emphasize. Your eyes may get a bit weary looking at the computer. And who can beat a good stuffed chair and a good Bible related book and a pen in hand?

  But Bible study has been facilitated by the computer and, although I was born a half century too late to grasp it, I intend to use what my children have fixed for me. I think it is marvelous.