A Minister for Good?

  Romans 13: 4 says the civil power is to be a "minister of God to do thee for good." Ordained of God, we are to respect civil authority. That does not mean we respect the person of those in authority. Civil government has a divinely appointed role, but many governments give no heed whatsoever to that role because those in charge are too centered on themselves and their gain rather than those they govern. This is surely true of MOST governments in our world.

  There was a time when I thought our government (USA) was friendly toward religion and Christianity in particular even as it guaranteed religious freedom for all. I find it hard to believe this anymore seeing the efforts, EVEN FROM GOVERNMENT, to destroy  what Christians hold near and dear. As was true in Paul's day, civil government is becoming more an enemy of Christ than a defender of the right to be a Christian in freedom.

  We have what is called a two-party system. Does either party really care about anything except to have power? Both parties include those who are anti- Christian as could be, one more than the other. Christians need to be braced for a growing hostility toward Christ. Even some "Christians" put party before Christ. How well I know!