A Mission of Misery

  It seems that some professors in the schools of "higher" learning have considered it their mission in life to destroy the faith of young people in God and the Bible. They direct their courses to that end and ridicule anybody that does not bow before their self-proclaimed superiority. If ever there was a pack of egotistical blowhards, the atheistic professors in schools are among the lowest and worst. The reason they hate the Bible is because the Bible describes them as they really are; children of the devil.

  While they destroy faith in their students, what do they offer in return? Nothing of any value. They have no basis or reason for anything. They are totally negative and destructive. If people followed their philosophies and ideas the world would be altogether a place of chaos and misery. They remove all standards, morality, ethics or purpose in life. They are vicious servants of the devil who will be in hell and who seek to take as many as will accept their folly with them. Such people are enemies of God and man.

  Parents and the church must equip their young to combat these degenerate fools lest their children be taken from every good thing and their lives become misery, both now and for eternity.