A New Coach

  Our old coach resigned so we need a new coach for our baseball team. Here is somebody I like! Select him! Well, OK. But first let me ask, does he understand the game. Well, I don't know but that is not very important. Well, does he even know the rules of the game? I can't really be sure but what does that matter? Has he ever coached a ball team on any level in the past? No, but is that really something we must consider? Well, what are his qualifications for the position? Well, I like him. He has been my friend. He agrees with me about abortion, feminism, government control, taxation, immigration and a host of other Karl Marx positions that I hold. That seems enough to me to select him. OK. So, in he goes as the new coach.

  This new coach will do a wonderful job. After all, he was selected by the same process this government is selecting a new Supreme Court justice.