A Noticeable Variance

  It is such a joy and pleasure to read the teaching of Christ whether done by Him personally or authorized by Him as the teachers were guided by the Holy Spirit. What they taught is so different from what writers of this world present. As you read so many of  today's writers you see how they equate success with more and more money and power, satisfaction of evil fleshly lust, and doing whatever you want regardless of the effect on others. When you see how they adore the Hollywood, Washington, San Francisco, New York, etc. degenerates you see what they think is great and grand. All they do is promote sin and evil. Only rarely can you find a decent article that defends truth and encourages morality.

  The message of our Lord lifts us from the mire of sin toward eternal glory. His is a message of salvation and a life of beauty and purpose. His emphasis is doing God's will (after all He created us) and shunning the temptations of the devil. Try reading more Jesus and less magazines, newspapers, books, etc. produced by corrupt minds who know not God..