A Pain in the Heart

  Without any reference to the organ that pumps blood throughout the body, we think of pain in the heart of man. One of the severe pains we encounter is bad news. Especially is it tormenting when it concerns a precious soul.

  News that a young person died unexpectedly is terribly disturbing. But to know that person had forsaken the Lord's church is even more grievous. And then comes a heavier blow to recall how that person had once been baptized by your own hands. The tragedy gets worse and worse. How we could want all people to realize that they could face God in judgment as they are today and many are simply not prepared.

  Not knowledgeable of the circumstances that took that person away we cannot dwell on the cause or causes. But now, what matters the cause? A precious soul has gone into eternity, once having the hope of heaven, but leaving it for the paltry offerings of this world. Pain can be excruciating!