A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  Even though they are very much in the minority in this world, there are those we meet and with whom we can associate for whom we can thank God for their existence and influence. While the low-life of this world seems to receive the great majority of recognition, we are privileged to know those that keep the message of God for men on the front burner. They live a righteous life, use clean speech, are moral and responsible, and are the kind and quality that shows what people ought to be. For them we are grateful because they are the ones who enrich our lives. As Paul wrote those in Philippi, "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you" (Philippians 1:3).

  As we give our thanks to the Lord for those who respect His will, we should also focus on whether we are justly counted among this company, We can be a blessing to others if we will strive to become like those for whom we give thanks. Following the "thus saith the Lord" is the plan and pattern for the development of such character. God helps us to do that.