A Prayer Worth Repeating

  What I mean by the title is that we read of the prayer by Jabez that we all should imitate because of its content. In First Chronicles 4: 9,10 we have this short petition to God by a man about which we really know very little. But his prayer is so appropriate for any child of God in any age.

  You can study this prayer in greater depth in the lesson on this website, Category 5, Lesson 74. The prayer consists of four brief parts. How wonderful it is to also note that God granted him his request. God will grant the requests of His faithful children today according to His wisdom as to what is best for us.

  Prayer is a privilege and blessing that defies adequate description. What we include in our prayers is so important because we want to pray in a manner pleasing to God. A man more honorable than his brethren, Jabez, long since dead, yet speaks to us.