A Real Scientist

  For many years millions of tax dollars and so much news reporting has been geared to the "space program" whose primary goal is to find life somewhere out there in space and use that "discovery" to somehow show the Bible to be false. You may not think this has been the goal but you need to wake up. These "experts" hate the idea of God and would do anything (like twisting data, like global warming) to try to "prove" their godless theories. They have fallen flat on their face trying to defend Darwinian evolution but that does not deter them in the least.

  Now we have a "scientist" telling us there are aliens out there but we should not be looking for them out there but on earth. I agree that most politicians don't seem to have come from earth and many scientists are floating in space. But this guy thinks the evidence is these aliens are here. He may be right. He knows where he came from. You know, some idiots will believe this boob. They will probably want a government grant so they can investigate it more thoroughly. He gives science a bad name.