A Reasonable Reason

  There are a number of reasons we should try to be present at every assembly of the church. But just consider this. We ought to be present for the sake of being a good example. No man lives to himself (Rom. 14:7). We all have and shall give an account for our influence. We ought to give up whatever we have to give up in order to be a good example (Rom. 14:1; 1 Cor. 8). Deliberate absenteeism is sin (Heb. 10:25). Attendance is a good example. Can anybody really argue against this?

  Can anyone really question that deliberate absenteeism is a bad example for outsiders as well as insiders to observe? What do you think Jesus would plan to do on Sunday evening? Where do you think He would be at Bible study hours? Would He ignore mid-week services? Are we not to walk as He walked?

  Little wonder many young people get the impression attendance is optional when that is the example they see from those who are older and supposed to put Christ first. Do you teach people that attendance is not important by a bad example by being absent? If you do, correct it.