A Religion from Hell

  We know it is not politically correct to criticize anything except Christianity. But I want to join the increasing number of people who realize that Islam is straight from hell and those in it are children of the devil. Barbarism is their watchword and cruelty and brutality is their practice. Words fail me when I try to describe how vicious and depraved the Muslim religion really is. Just consider what is being done in the name of Islam and see how timid and quiet are the millions who are Muslims who claim they don't approve but they never condemn it.

  Only the naive will think they don't approve. This has been Muslim history and it is threatening our freedom, our nation, our faith, our children and everything we know to be true. Just how this plague against humanity can be prevented from destroying civilization I don't know. I have a good idea how it could be done. But the fact it is hideous and that needs to be recognized.