A Religious Tyranny to Fear

  There is an almost daily barrage against "Christianity" in the news by Islamic forces throughout the world. This tyrannical religion seeks the destruction of all other religions, by conversion if possible or by death if necessary. Through many organizations the laws of Islam are being focused on suppressing all other religions and committing to prison any who speak against Islam. In nations where Islam is dominant there is no religion freedom. Muslims take advantage of religious freedom in America in order to suppress the religion freedom for anyone not a Muslim.

  Pathetically, so many are naive and blind to the hideous goals of Islam. They consider it just another religion. But it is a system of tyranny that enslaves everyone. Such an article as this one could produce the death penalty in many nations where Islam controls. We must be awakened to the threat of our freedom with the growth of Islam. Freedom of religion does not belong to those who would take away religious freedom from others. This tyrannical faith will turn the world to savagery. BEWARE!