A Ridiculous and Disgusting Thing

  When I hear and read about these money-mad television religious egotists I almost get sick. They are so hypocritical and self-serving. Their convictions are about as thick as tissue paper because they compromise every thing they teach when it runs against the grain of those who supply their funds. These "big time" church preachers evidently do not believe the Bible but only use it to promote their scheme to get and remain rich. These women preachers are nauseating.

  How do they get away with it? It is because most Americans are grossly stupid and certainly ignorant of Scripture. They have swallowed the idea that being religious is all that matters, etc. That's what Northern Israel and Southern Judah thought also.

  How do you change it? The prophets couldn't because the minds of the people were dead set to "do their own thing." No different today!