A Roman Spy?

  Don't ever think skeptics are without imagination. Now some contend Paul faked his conversion so he could infiltrate the Christian community and spy for Roman authorities. What is the evidence? Evidence? Who needs evidence when you are a liar and skeptic? Just make a claim and that settles it for the enemies of God. Who dares to deny their word?

  There were so many who could have exposed a plot like that if it were true but none did. Nobody ever did more, preached more, suffered more for the cause of Christ than Paul. The very idea is born of 21st century sensationalism and not one item of evidence anywhere.

  We read three accounts in Acts 9, 22, 26 of Paul's conversion. The three taken together give us the essentials of how it came to pass and why. The life of Paul refutes those who deny Scripture and provides for us a glorious example of faithful service to our Savior. Thank God for Paul's life.