A Sobering Thought

  Very likely some will take these words of this article and conclude this is an advocacy of carnal warfare. Not necessarily so. Christianity is not advanced like the Muslim religion. But freedom of religion used to be protected by our government. These words are to warn us of a most likely scenario we will face in the very near future because the freedoms of our nation are being eroded under the leadership of the two major and corrupt political parties who do not have loyalty to the Constitution which designates our freedom of religion. State control is the order of the day.

  My loyalty is to Christ; not any earthly government. We must recall history and remember that freedom was won and has been preserved by bullets; not ballots. So will it be again. Meanwhile, Christians can expect an intolerance more than ever in our history. So it will be as long as a degenerate population selects the rubbish of leadership being put forward by both major parties, the anti-God agenda of educational institutions, the immoral corruption promoted by the entertainment world, and the hopeless nothingness of most religion. We are in for some difficult days.