A Strange Disease

  Don't you find it a bit strange that some people still refer to alcoholism as a disease? Most people think of a disease as something they try to avoid, something they could not help, something they do everything to keep from suffering. But alcoholism does not fit that kind of pattern. Becoming an alcoholic is the result of deliberate choice to consume alcoholic beverages to the point that one becomes addicted to it and finds it almost impossible to overcome.

  If it is a disease it is the only "disease" where the cause of it is advertised as something wonderful. It is the only "disease" that is taxed and regulated by the government. It is the only "disease" where people think they are having a good time when they have it. It is a "disease" where people lose control, kill others, act like they have lost their minds and deliberately do what it takes to get it. It is the only "disease" where people are employed to produce its cause, bottled and sold for profit legally.

  Alcoholism is a disease, all right; a spiritual disease of sin. Whatever else may be said about it, it is a sin..