A Sure Way to Kill It

  All Christians are wanting church growth. But some count growth only in terms of numbers and how pleased are the people. That is a far cry from what God teaches about church growth. While there are many methods that can be properly used, the marketing manners of "fun and games" has become the way of many. Shame on them for denigrating the church of our Lord with such antics!

  Our concern for "church growth" had best include spiritual growth by a growing knowledge and practice of the Word of God. Sound doctrine without compromise is what God wants and expects whether everybody is pleased with it or not. A sure way to kill a church, even if crowds hover all around and laughter and sports galore are on the agenda, is to abandon the Word and its authority for the wants and likes of people who prefer to be like the denominational nations around them.

  Church growth means salvation to more people. That can only exist when the Word is heard, believed and obeyed. Nobody needs the nonsense of foolishness to which some have turned.