A Terrible Family

  It is an interesting study of a piece of history to read about the Herod family. There is not one that is commendable. Beginning the Herod the Great, his sons, grandsons, granddaughters, all were of a vicious and bloody nature. Herod was not beyond murdering many of his own kin when he feared them becoming his enemies.

  We know how he sought to kill the child Jesus. It was the Herod family that had John the Baptist beheaded, James, the apostle killed, Peter imprisoned, and another who sat before the preaching of Paul and ignored that was taught. They competed with each other for power and wealth. They hated one another. What a horrible experience to be one of them.

  Would you want to read some very intriguing personal history? Get a good Bible source and read about the Herods, or Josephus, or some book that tells you about them. It will help you appreciate the problems the early Christians faced in Palestine when the Herods dominated the scene.