A Timely Quotation

  With all the hoopla about Darwin and his monkey business, it is refreshing to read intelligent words regarding the theory (not fact) of Darwinian evolution. There is a brilliant article in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia that deserves a thorough study and refutes evolution. But I can only cite a closing summary paragraph worth reading.

  "It is not true that we came up from the slime and the beasts through the jungle, and that we pass out into a night of oblivion unlighted by a single star. It is true that 'in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth' and that He made 'man in His own image.' It is true that we came from God through the Garden, and that we are destined by obedience to Him to an eternity of joy in a land that is 'fairer than day.,' where we will meet again our loved ones who went before, and upon whose blissful shore there falls no shadow and rests no stain!"