A Use of Prayer

  It is almost beyond comprehension that God would even allow man to approach His throne in prayer. But God has provided this avenue of communication and man can use it to express his heart unto God. Many matters are included in our prayers as we beseech God to exercise His providence in the conduct of our lives.

  Among the uses of prayer utilized by Paul was to pray regarding brethren. In Philemon 4 he said he made mention of Philemon always in prayer and then named specifically why he prayed for him. He was thankful for the kind of person he was and the things he did.

  Gratitude is a mark of a humble and good person. We should be thankful to God that there are those around us for whom we can be thankful. If they did not exist our lives would be deprived of multiple blessings. Do we live so others can justly be thankful for us?