A Vicious Deception: "It Doesn't Matter"

  It is very obvious many believe that wrong is as good as right; evil as good as wickedness. People behave as if it does not matter because all will go to heaven anyway (if there is heaven). Let a person die, especially if a celebrity of some sort, and regardless of his/her manner of life (liar, whoremonger, slut, pervert, thief, etc.) they are glorified as "good" people. How so-called intelligent people can so conclude escapes reason.

  How you live does matter. It will be judged by the Lord (2 Cor. 5:10). One may be prominent in the world and be praised by others, but if he is not a faithful Christian he is doomed. Don't let the "apostles of love" deceive you into thinking there is no punishment for the wicked (Mt. 25:46). Many are deceived in this thought.