Abraham: An Example of Sympathy

  We know how Abraham is presented to us as an example of faith (Hebrews 11). He is also an example of works of obedience (James 2). But there is another way we should consider Abraham to be our example and that is one who was sympathetic toward sinners.

  Never did this good man condone evil even though he was not perfect himself. He found no joy in the condemnation and destruction of evil people.

  When God told him He was going to destroy Sodom you recall how Abraham made his plea for the city to be spared if there could be found only ten righteous men among. The thought of their destruction, however justified, was painful to him and he sought ways to preserve them. But we know that the people were so evil no way could be found.

   But the point we make here is that he did not rejoice over the condemnation of people; nor should we. Like him, we should do everything we can to bring about their forgiveness. He was sympathetic toward them even as he despised the wickedness they were doing. We can, and must, do the same.