Accepted and Rejected

  Let me ask you to read two passages. It will only take a moment. Matthew 19: 16 -22 and Matthew 4: 18 -22. They have something in common. Both include the invitation of Christ to follow Him. The first was to a young man who was too wealthy to want to put the Lord first so he rejected Christ. The other was to some who became apostles. What a difference the reaction to the call of Christ makes.

  The Lord does not force people to come to Him, follow Him, or be blessed by Him. It is a matter of individual choice. But as with all choices, we must suffer or enjoy the consequences of our choice. With acceptance there comes responsibility and privilege. With rejection there comes hopelessness and condemnation.

  When you hear a gospel preacher urging people to accept and obey the invitation of Christ he is making a plea for your spiritual welfare both in this life and the next. You can be grateful for the opportunity to be pleasing to the Lord.