The Accusers

  In the church for nearly seven decades, I have never heard anybody claim the members of the church were perfect. The divine side of the church is perfect and all the "wise men" of our day cannot improve upon it. But there is a core of vicious accusers against the church who are loud and vocal. Who are they? The source of accusations can tell us something.

  These accusers are former members, preachers, teachers, missionaries, some reared in "Christian" homes, attended "our" schools but who tired of the Biblical standard and wanted to be more like the rest of the religions. They have swallowed the liberal claptrap of liberal theology, worshipped academic degrees, shown radicalism (pendulum swingers) by swinging from "anti-ism" to modernism, and malcontent with "thus saith the Lord," preferring entertainment, recreation and have become cynical toward the efforts to restore New Testament Christianity. How pathetic they are!