The Action of Herod

  Many people have known what it is to live under the rule of wicked and vicious rulers. Certainly this was the lot for those living in Palestine shortly after the establishment of the church. The Scriptures relate how Herod (this was Herod Agrippa I) had James, the apostle, killed, and seeing it pleased the Jews he imprisoned Peter. Doubtless it was his intention to kill Peter also. But before he could do that the Lord provided for Peter's  miraculous escape from prison and he joined the disciples.

  But Herod, seeing that Peter was not still confined, took vengeance on the guards and commanded that they be put to death (Acts 12:19). This reflects the kind of rule he executed. It must have been terrible to live with such despots in control.

  That has been the misfortune of millions in our own generation. Unless those who believe in freedom keep such tyrants under control and out of power that same fate awaits everyone. In our nation that has historically championed freedom we are seeing freedoms demolished by evil men in government.