Admission and Denial

  While watching a report from the National Geographic over television we saw how there had certainly been a universal flood but not the flood recorded in the Bible at the time of Noah. The NG flood was thousands of years earlier and caused by some object that flew through the atmosphere breaking up all kinds of water barriers, etc. and caused the flood. Evidence of the flood registers in the earth so that much they have admitted. The complete lack of evidence of this giant something that broke all the water barriers doesn't mean anything to the "wise men" of our day. If they say it happened that way, who is God to say otherwise? The Bible report was a take-off from reports of the earlier flood, they say.

  They went on to try to show the ark could not have survived in a flood like the Bible records and that it absolutely certain it was impossible to build an ark like Noah's in Noah's time. How do they know? They say so. That's all it takes. They say so. Again, what does God know? And what can God do that they can't figure out to be false?

  It is sad that "scholarly" minds show themselves to be so foolish. But what else is new? Some men hate God. Will they ever be surprised!