Alive or Dead? Which is it?

  We are alive. How do you know? We have a big building. Or maybe the answer is we have a huge budget. Possibly some think it is because we have big crowds. Others consider how much fun you have. (Some people like a religious  Hee- Haw - sometimes called a "holy wow"). But surely we are alive because our preacher has a PhD. And most other religious people accept us as we are as we accept them as they are. We have something going on all the time (won the church league basketball title last year). What better evidence do you need?

  Well, you might consider what God's Word requires. Do you preach and practice sound doctrine according to the Lord's authority? Do you live according to Christian virtues? Do you take the unadulterated gospel to the world? Do you follow the New Testament pattern (a dirty word to digressive people)? You know; sticky stuff like that.

  Sardis church thought is was alive, but the Lord said it was dead. Physically alive- Spiritually dead. Might be good to check the pulse again.