All in Vain?

  The churches of Galatia had been bombarded by Christian Jewish teachers trying to force Christians to return to the Law of Moses and attempting to bind that law on them. Paul wrote the epistle of Romans, Galatians, and probably he wrote Hebrews to show Christians are not under the Law of Moses that had fulfilled its purposes, been nailed to the cross, and taken out of the way. The brethren in Galatia had suffered much because of their faith. To return to that which could not save would mean everything Paul and they had done in Christ would have been worthless.

  He asked, ""Have ye suffered so many things in vain? if it be yet in vain?" (Galatians 3:4). But it had not been in vain. If they turned back to the Law of Moses it would have been in vain. Paul was confident they would not turn back (Galatians 5:10). Sometime those churches did fall away for some reason. The churches to which Paul wrote to encourage are no longer in existence.