All the Bad Things

  If you wanted to sell something, would you give a prominent place to listing all the bad things about it? It sometimes seems some who preach try to win people to the Lord's church while bashing the members. There is a time and place for correction of brethren, but to parade the "dirty linen" constantly before the world does nothing to attract people to the Lord. We must remember that the divine side of the Lord's church is perfect and this is that which we wish to promote. That there are problems in the lives of members has been true since Pentecost. But that is the human side. It seems the shortcoming of brethren is the theme of some preachers more than the divine things that God wants us to believe and accept.

  Negative and positive preaching is necessary. But there should be the exercise of some wisdom and discretion when to do either. We should want people to see the glory of Christ in the church; not all the stumbling that may characterize the lives of some. Why should somebody want to align themselves with people who are so bad? Show the good sometimes.