Always Been a False Teacher

  That Christ is the only Savior is dominant New Testament doctrine. Now Billy Graham has adopted universalism and says those of all religions may be saved. He refuses to "speculate" on it. What speculation? The Scripture is plain and without doubt. But to false teachers, Scripture doesn't mean much.

  I wonder how the "change agents" who have supported Graham feel now. Probably applaud his "loving attitude." The truth of Christ means nothing to a liberal. They have no love for the truth but they love to be accepted by everybody. They repudiate forthright teaching from the Savior Himself with their doctrines.

  Why some refuse to see what is undeniable is difficult to determine except some prefer their way to God's way and will not have it any other way. Billy Graham has always been a false teacher and those that bid him Godspeed are not friends of our Lord.