Always Hated Injustice

  As long as I can remember I have hated injustice. That is not because I am so righteous but injustice is so wicked. As a boy I was usually quite able to take care of myself around bullies because of my size and temper. But when bullies tried to overrun others I thought is was really bad. When somebody was falsely blamed for what somebody else did I hated it. When crooks invade the homes and lives of decent people I am moved to anger. But injustice seems to be the "in" thing today.

  Government is God's tool to protect people from injustice. But what do you do when the government is one of the worst perpetrators of injustice? This is what Christians and all others are facing in America today. The government is under control of those who took an oath to protect the citizens but that is a meaningless oath. They usually are out for themselves and whatever injustice it takes to gain their goals is not off limits to them. This poses a problem for Christians. We must hate every false way. I do.